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Vocabulary Worksheet UNIT 4: CONSOLIDATION
Household technology
1 Match the words with their defi nitions.
1 appliance
2 battery
3 heat
4 luxurious
5 spacious
6 wire
a somewhere that is large and has lots of room to move in
b comfortable and expensive
c device or machine
d cable
e object used to produce power
f warmth

Comparatives and superlatives
2 Complete the sentences with a comparative or
superlative so that they mean the same as the fi rst one.
1 Rizzy doesn’t rap as well as Keef Dee. Keef Dee is a rapper Rizzy.
2 I’ve never stayed in a hotel as luxurious as this one. This is hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
3 This is the most energy-effi cient model available on the market. No other model is as this one.
4 The day trip was the worst part of the holiday. The day trip was not the other things we did on the holiday.
5 The other sofas in the shop are not as comfortable as this one. This is the sofa in the shop.

Adjectives and adverbs of manner
3 Complete the table with the words in the box and the missing adjectives or adverbs.
• angrily • carefully • easy • good • hard • slow
adjectives adverbs

4 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 I programmed my computer to log on to Facebook automatic / automatically.
2 The singer looked truly / true surprised at winning the award.
3 This question is simply / simple to answer.
4 Having a garage door that opens fastly / fast is brilliant!
5 You can see beautifully / beautiful sunsets from that bridge.
6 Why are they having lunch late / lately?

False friends
5 Complete the crossword.
2 houses or neighbourhoods around a city
4 quiet
6 the opposite of unusual
1 offi cial certifi cate or results you receive after exams
3 a synonym of help
5 a material that covers the fl oor

Phrasal verbs
6 Choose the correct meaning of the phrasal verbs in bold.
1 There are special bins to throw batteries away. a discard b recharge
2 Could you draw up the new contract for next week? a draw b create
3 Your laptop hasn’t been logging off properly. a starting up b closing down
4 Once it is fully charged, you can turn it on. a open it b start it
5 Good! We are all ready for the full inspection to be carried out tomorrow. a done b hold in your arms
6 Don’t forget to turn the TV off before you go to bed.
a disconnect from electricity b connect to electricity

Vocabulary Worksheet UNIT 4: EXTENSION

Household technology
1 Complete the sentences with the words in thebox. Three words are not needed.
• appliances • battery • energy-effi cient • luxurious
• power • safe • security • wireless
1 If you want your home to be more ,
install environmentally friendly devices.
2 I need to recharge my mobile phone
every two days.
3 Their kitchen , like our dishwasher,
fridge and washing machine, are all energy-effi cient.
4 They live in a villa with a huge pool
and fantastic views of the sea.
5 I’ve bought a new mouse and
keyboard for my computer. I couldn’t stand all the cables!

Comparatives and superlatives
2 Write sentences using the prompts and a comparative or a superlative.
1 which / luxurious / car / you / have / been / in / ?
2 these / jeans /are / not / as / comfortable / my / old / ones / .
3 can / you / remember / your / good / holiday / ?
4 his / idea / was / as / practical / yours / .
5 what / form / transport / do / you / believe / is / the / safe / ?
6 experts / say / sleeping / six / hours / isn’t / as / good /sleeping / eight / hours / .

Adjectives and adverbs of manner
3 Order the words to form sentences.
1 walk / Every / their / time / our / garden / dog / barks /neighbours’ / we / past / angrily / .
2 sang / The singer / at / concert / for / the / charity /beautifully / .
3 heavy / because / You / rain’s / should / the / slowly / drive / .
4 work / Firefi ghters, / very / doctors and nurses / our / hard/ for / safety / .
5 I / am / pool / really / that / can / play / well / surprised /Victoria / .
6 truly / The / beautiful / that / looks / model / in / dress / .

False friends
4 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 Are you going to say anything? Are you going to be still /quiet?
2 My bedroom is ordinary / vulgar – it’s got white walls anda few posters.
3 I have so many photocopies. I need a bigger carpet / folder.
4 They prefer to live in the untidy / suburbs than the city centre.
5 If you need any further assistance / attendance please contact us any time.
6 He fi nally got his secondary qualifi cations / titles at the age of eighty.

Phrasal verbs
5 Match the verbs with the prepositions and complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs.
• turn • log • throw • carry • draw • turn
• out • up • on • away • on • off
1 If you want to check your email, this is the password to to the computer.
2 They have confi rmed they are going to the yearly inspections next week.
3 We’ll read the contract they for the sale of the house very carefully.
4 We forgot to the television. It’s been on all night!
5 You don’t need those trainers any more.    them .
6 Would you mind if I the radio? I fancy listening to music.


Future forms: present simple, present continuous, will and be going to:
1 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 Are you too warm? I’ll / I’m going to open the window.
2 It’s my birthday next week, but I won’t / I’m not going to have a party.
3 What time does / will the plane take off ?
4 I’ll drive you to the doctor’s. What time will you see / are you seeing him?
5 You have too much to do. I’ll / I’m going to help you with the cooking this evening.
6 Where are you going? The lesson doesn’t / isn’t going to end until four o’clock.
7 I study / I’m going to study Medicine when I leave school.
8 She’s starting / She’ll start at a new school next week.
2 Write answers in the correct future form using the prompts.
1 What time is the fi lm on? It / start / seven.
2 Do you have an idea of what to get Ali for her birthday? Yes. I / get / her / earrings.
3 What’s your prediction for the football tonight? I think / Liverpool / win.
4 That music is horrible! Sorry! / I / turn / off .
5 What time are you getting your hair cut? I / go / hairdresser’s / one o’clock.
6 Have you seen the list of people Gabor is inviting? Yes. It / be / very big party!
Future continuous
3 Order the words to form sentences.
1 2020 / I’ll / money / lots of / be / the year / earning / in / .
2 Where / living / you / in / be / ten / time / years’ / will / ?
3 I / eleven / won’t / sleeping / be / o’clock / at / .
4 when / he’s / be / listening / same / He / the / music /won’t / older / to / .
5 She’ll / this / evening / doing / homework / her / at / be /nine o’clock / .
6 time / we / cars / Will / driving / be / in fi fty years’ / ?
Future perfect
4 Write sentences in the future perfect using the prompts.
Orla is eight years old. Here’s what she thinks she’ll have done by the time she’s twenty-fi ve:
1 She / fi nish / school and university.
2 She / marry / fi lm star.
3 She / already / become / famous model.
4 She / earn / her fi rst million.
5 She / not have / a baby / yet.
6 She / not go / live in another country.
Future continuous and future perfect
5 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 This time next week I will have sunbathed / will be sunbathing on the beach.
2 I won’t have left / won’t be leaving home before I leave university.
3 I’ll be becoming / I’ll have become a famous scientist before I’m thirty.
4 Next week they will be / they’ll have been married for fi fty years!
5 This time next year I’ll be studying / I’ll have studied in the USA.
6 They’ll have fi nished / They’ll be fi nishing the exam by two o’clock.

Grammar Worksheet UNIT 4: EXTENSION
Future forms: present simple, present continuous, will and be going to
1 Complete the sentences using the negative.
1 It will be cold. It warm.
2 I’m going to France. I Italy.
3 I’ll stay here. I go with you.
4 The show starts at eight. It at nine.
5 I’m taking the six o’clock bus. I the seven o’clock bus.
6 My school team will win the football game. Your school team .
7 He’s going to be angry. He happy.
8 She’ll be living in Rome. She in Lisbon.
Future continuous and future perfect
2 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.
I have big plans! When I’m thirty, I’ll already have my own company. I 1 (live) in a house on one of those Palm Islands in Dubai. I 2 (leave) Europe far behind me. I 3 (drive) a nice car and I 4 (spend) every evening on my terrace, watching the sun go down over the Arabian Gulf. And how will I achieve my dream? Easy! I 5(develop) the world’s fi rst balloon house! We all know the world is getting warmer and the oceans are rising. I think that by the time I’m thirty the sea 6 (rise) so high that there won’t be enough space for everyone to live on land. So, lots of us 7 (live) in the air! I 8 (fi nish) my studies in architecture by the time I’m twenty-fi ve and then I’ll just have to fi nd the money and start my project! What do you think?
Future forms and adverbs
3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
• always • just • never • often • still • yet
1 He’ll be working in Japan, but he’ll phone home.
2 I started school very young. By the time I’m seventeen I’ll have fi nished.
3 He’ll pass his driving test. He’s already failed seven times and refuses to study for it!
4 Don’t call me at seven. I won’t have fi nished my homework .
5 He’s Spanish and loves his country. He’ll live in Spain.
6 This journey is too long! I’ll be on this bus at ten o’clock tonight.
Tenses review
4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: present simple and continuous, past simple, present perfect, past perfect and going to.
I’ve always loved travelling. My parents love it too, so I 1 (travel) a lot since I was a little child. I 2 (stay) in some nice places, but in some horrible ones too! When I was little, my parents 3 (not/have) much money, so holidays had to be cheap. My father wanted to go camping, but my mother 4 (go) on too many rainy camping holidays when she was a child, so we always stayed in cheap hotels, and some were not very nice! In one hotel in India I 5 (wake up) when an animal ran into my bed! I still 6 (not/know) what that animal was.
Next month I 7 (go) on holiday with my friends. We 8 (stay) in youth hostels. I’m happy to share a room with other people; I just don’t want to share my bed with animals!

5 Half of the sentences contain mistakes. Correct the sentences that are wrong:
1 I’m not going to have a big party for my birthday.
2 My train will leave at six in the morning.
3 I will be fi nishing school before I’m twenty.
4 He’s been living here for two years.
5 She’s been at this school since six months.
6 He’s getting used to living in his ‘green’ house.