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Vocabulary Worksheet UNIT 4: CONSOLIDATION
Household technology
1 Match the words with their defi nitions.
1 appliance
2 battery
3 heat
4 luxurious
5 spacious
6 wire
a somewhere that is large and has lots of room to move in
b comfortable and expensive
c device or machine
d cable
e object used to produce power
f warmth

Comparatives and superlatives
2 Complete the sentences with a comparative or
superlative so that they mean the same as the fi rst one.
1 Rizzy doesn’t rap as well as Keef Dee. Keef Dee is a rapper Rizzy.
2 I’ve never stayed in a hotel as luxurious as this one. This is hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
3 This is the most energy-effi cient model available on the market. No other model is as this one.
4 The day trip was the worst part of the holiday. The day trip was not the other things we did on the holiday.
5 The other sofas in the shop are not as comfortable as this one. This is the sofa in the shop.

Adjectives and adverbs of manner
3 Complete the table with the words in the box and the missing adjectives or adverbs.
• angrily • carefully • easy • good • hard • slow
adjectives adverbs

4 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 I programmed my computer to log on to Facebook automatic / automatically.
2 The singer looked truly / true surprised at winning the award.
3 This question is simply / simple to answer.
4 Having a garage door that opens fastly / fast is brilliant!
5 You can see beautifully / beautiful sunsets from that bridge.
6 Why are they having lunch late / lately?

False friends
5 Complete the crossword.
2 houses or neighbourhoods around a city
4 quiet
6 the opposite of unusual
1 offi cial certifi cate or results you receive after exams
3 a synonym of help
5 a material that covers the fl oor

Phrasal verbs
6 Choose the correct meaning of the phrasal verbs in bold.
1 There are special bins to throw batteries away. a discard b recharge
2 Could you draw up the new contract for next week? a draw b create
3 Your laptop hasn’t been logging off properly. a starting up b closing down
4 Once it is fully charged, you can turn it on. a open it b start it
5 Good! We are all ready for the full inspection to be carried out tomorrow. a done b hold in your arms
6 Don’t forget to turn the TV off before you go to bed.
a disconnect from electricity b connect to electricity

Vocabulary Worksheet UNIT 4: EXTENSION

Household technology
1 Complete the sentences with the words in thebox. Three words are not needed.
• appliances • battery • energy-effi cient • luxurious
• power • safe • security • wireless
1 If you want your home to be more ,
install environmentally friendly devices.
2 I need to recharge my mobile phone
every two days.
3 Their kitchen , like our dishwasher,
fridge and washing machine, are all energy-effi cient.
4 They live in a villa with a huge pool
and fantastic views of the sea.
5 I’ve bought a new mouse and
keyboard for my computer. I couldn’t stand all the cables!

Comparatives and superlatives
2 Write sentences using the prompts and a comparative or a superlative.
1 which / luxurious / car / you / have / been / in / ?
2 these / jeans /are / not / as / comfortable / my / old / ones / .
3 can / you / remember / your / good / holiday / ?
4 his / idea / was / as / practical / yours / .
5 what / form / transport / do / you / believe / is / the / safe / ?
6 experts / say / sleeping / six / hours / isn’t / as / good /sleeping / eight / hours / .

Adjectives and adverbs of manner
3 Order the words to form sentences.
1 walk / Every / their / time / our / garden / dog / barks /neighbours’ / we / past / angrily / .
2 sang / The singer / at / concert / for / the / charity /beautifully / .
3 heavy / because / You / rain’s / should / the / slowly / drive / .
4 work / Firefi ghters, / very / doctors and nurses / our / hard/ for / safety / .
5 I / am / pool / really / that / can / play / well / surprised /Victoria / .
6 truly / The / beautiful / that / looks / model / in / dress / .

False friends
4 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 Are you going to say anything? Are you going to be still /quiet?
2 My bedroom is ordinary / vulgar – it’s got white walls anda few posters.
3 I have so many photocopies. I need a bigger carpet / folder.
4 They prefer to live in the untidy / suburbs than the city centre.
5 If you need any further assistance / attendance please contact us any time.
6 He fi nally got his secondary qualifi cations / titles at the age of eighty.

Phrasal verbs
5 Match the verbs with the prepositions and complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs.
• turn • log • throw • carry • draw • turn
• out • up • on • away • on • off
1 If you want to check your email, this is the password to to the computer.
2 They have confi rmed they are going to the yearly inspections next week.
3 We’ll read the contract they for the sale of the house very carefully.
4 We forgot to the television. It’s been on all night!
5 You don’t need those trainers any more.    them .
6 Would you mind if I the radio? I fancy listening to music.


Future forms: present simple, present continuous, will and be going to:
1 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 Are you too warm? I’ll / I’m going to open the window.
2 It’s my birthday next week, but I won’t / I’m not going to have a party.
3 What time does / will the plane take off ?
4 I’ll drive you to the doctor’s. What time will you see / are you seeing him?
5 You have too much to do. I’ll / I’m going to help you with the cooking this evening.
6 Where are you going? The lesson doesn’t / isn’t going to end until four o’clock.
7 I study / I’m going to study Medicine when I leave school.
8 She’s starting / She’ll start at a new school next week.
2 Write answers in the correct future form using the prompts.
1 What time is the fi lm on? It / start / seven.
2 Do you have an idea of what to get Ali for her birthday? Yes. I / get / her / earrings.
3 What’s your prediction for the football tonight? I think / Liverpool / win.
4 That music is horrible! Sorry! / I / turn / off .
5 What time are you getting your hair cut? I / go / hairdresser’s / one o’clock.
6 Have you seen the list of people Gabor is inviting? Yes. It / be / very big party!
Future continuous
3 Order the words to form sentences.
1 2020 / I’ll / money / lots of / be / the year / earning / in / .
2 Where / living / you / in / be / ten / time / years’ / will / ?
3 I / eleven / won’t / sleeping / be / o’clock / at / .
4 when / he’s / be / listening / same / He / the / music /won’t / older / to / .
5 She’ll / this / evening / doing / homework / her / at / be /nine o’clock / .
6 time / we / cars / Will / driving / be / in fi fty years’ / ?
Future perfect
4 Write sentences in the future perfect using the prompts.
Orla is eight years old. Here’s what she thinks she’ll have done by the time she’s twenty-fi ve:
1 She / fi nish / school and university.
2 She / marry / fi lm star.
3 She / already / become / famous model.
4 She / earn / her fi rst million.
5 She / not have / a baby / yet.
6 She / not go / live in another country.
Future continuous and future perfect
5 Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.
1 This time next week I will have sunbathed / will be sunbathing on the beach.
2 I won’t have left / won’t be leaving home before I leave university.
3 I’ll be becoming / I’ll have become a famous scientist before I’m thirty.
4 Next week they will be / they’ll have been married for fi fty years!
5 This time next year I’ll be studying / I’ll have studied in the USA.
6 They’ll have fi nished / They’ll be fi nishing the exam by two o’clock.

Grammar Worksheet UNIT 4: EXTENSION
Future forms: present simple, present continuous, will and be going to
1 Complete the sentences using the negative.
1 It will be cold. It warm.
2 I’m going to France. I Italy.
3 I’ll stay here. I go with you.
4 The show starts at eight. It at nine.
5 I’m taking the six o’clock bus. I the seven o’clock bus.
6 My school team will win the football game. Your school team .
7 He’s going to be angry. He happy.
8 She’ll be living in Rome. She in Lisbon.
Future continuous and future perfect
2 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.
I have big plans! When I’m thirty, I’ll already have my own company. I 1 (live) in a house on one of those Palm Islands in Dubai. I 2 (leave) Europe far behind me. I 3 (drive) a nice car and I 4 (spend) every evening on my terrace, watching the sun go down over the Arabian Gulf. And how will I achieve my dream? Easy! I 5(develop) the world’s fi rst balloon house! We all know the world is getting warmer and the oceans are rising. I think that by the time I’m thirty the sea 6 (rise) so high that there won’t be enough space for everyone to live on land. So, lots of us 7 (live) in the air! I 8 (fi nish) my studies in architecture by the time I’m twenty-fi ve and then I’ll just have to fi nd the money and start my project! What do you think?
Future forms and adverbs
3 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
• always • just • never • often • still • yet
1 He’ll be working in Japan, but he’ll phone home.
2 I started school very young. By the time I’m seventeen I’ll have fi nished.
3 He’ll pass his driving test. He’s already failed seven times and refuses to study for it!
4 Don’t call me at seven. I won’t have fi nished my homework .
5 He’s Spanish and loves his country. He’ll live in Spain.
6 This journey is too long! I’ll be on this bus at ten o’clock tonight.
Tenses review
4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: present simple and continuous, past simple, present perfect, past perfect and going to.
I’ve always loved travelling. My parents love it too, so I 1 (travel) a lot since I was a little child. I 2 (stay) in some nice places, but in some horrible ones too! When I was little, my parents 3 (not/have) much money, so holidays had to be cheap. My father wanted to go camping, but my mother 4 (go) on too many rainy camping holidays when she was a child, so we always stayed in cheap hotels, and some were not very nice! In one hotel in India I 5 (wake up) when an animal ran into my bed! I still 6 (not/know) what that animal was.
Next month I 7 (go) on holiday with my friends. We 8 (stay) in youth hostels. I’m happy to share a room with other people; I just don’t want to share my bed with animals!

5 Half of the sentences contain mistakes. Correct the sentences that are wrong:
1 I’m not going to have a big party for my birthday.
2 My train will leave at six in the morning.
3 I will be fi nishing school before I’m twenty.
4 He’s been living here for two years.
5 She’s been at this school since six months.
6 He’s getting used to living in his ‘green’ house.

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Exercise 105
1 We talked about going 2 Ilook lorward to seeing 3 She's tired 01working
4 happy about my parents coming 5 Alter opening 6 by climbing 7100king
lorward to working 8 interested in joining 9 tired 01coming 10 keen on
-swirnrnínq 11 worned about Jayne getting 12 interested in hearing 13 good at
listening 14 used lor cutting 15 without stopping
Exercise 108
1 Smoking 2 living 3 working 4 going out 5 writing 6 walking 7 going
8 studying 9 moving 10 making 11 eating 12 becoming 13 Looking after
14 seeing 15 getting up 16 helping 171earning 18 having 19 saying

Exercise 109
1 to go 2 to speak 3 lo telephone 4 to get on 5 to lind 6 to buy 7 to go out
8 to look alter 9 to stay 10 to help

Exercise 115
1 Flying 2 to get ... to eat 3 cooking 4 getting up 5 not inviting 6 to do
7 playing 8 Swimming 9 to see 10 to look after 11 to pass ... copying 12 not to
phone 13 doing 14 playing 15 to go 16 not lo stay 17 putting them down
18 to have 19 adding 20 seeing 21 to check 22 to go 23 not to hear 24 joining
25 to say 26 not to stay 27 being able 28 sit 29 to say 30 not to do